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The existing document has been composed to make all relationships between users and us legal. We want both sides to be liable for actions they make while using and providing services. All possible situations and conditions are represented in this doc.

Each user has to think well before signing this material. Some items may be inappropriate for some people. That’s why, if you don’t like any of those items, don’t demand too much from yourself. Just stop browsing this website.

A user will be mentioned as “You”, and will be “We” or “Site” throughout the doc. If you’ve entered this source and keep viewing it, we consider that you accept each item.


We consider our main offers belong to writing. Our specialists are able to provide You with any type of paper work. All papers are unique. You won’t find any familiar piece of paper in a book or on any digital source.

This Site can be used only in case You need to get some information. It’s forbidden to use it for any other reason. Other purposes need a special agreement.

We can provide you with any writing or editing support. Even if You’ve written a text by yourself, it can be proofread by our specialists. But We won’t fulfil your online task, which has to be executed on another source and demands registration.

Order Placement

If You decided to make an order, it’s not hard to fulfil this mission. Find the order form on the site, complete it and give us all the needed info.

You’ll have a few special features You can select while placing an order: Plagiarism report, Preferred writer, VIP service, Editing, Content table, Sources.

The Preferred writer option gives you an ability to select any expert you want to: TOP writer, regular writer, previous writer, advanced writer.

When You finished completing an order, a total cost will appear on your monitor. Pay this sum and we’ll assign a writer to an order.

Payment And Fees

We recommend You to check prices on our special page. They can be changed while You’ll be placing an order. We don’t warn users about price changes. That’s why You have to check them by yourself.

Some options cost more than common ones. These features have to let You receive an order quicker or better assistance etc.

Notice: VAT tax may be added to payment. But it’s calculated only for users from Europe. But You have to pay attention to the fact, that it can be added even if You’re located outside of the EU. In such cases VAT is set by a special law.

In some cases the Site may change your order cost. Make a payment, if You agree with this sum or just cancel an order.

We have to receive your payment before a writer will get an order. It’s a special rule of the Site, that’s why You have to decide if it’s acceptable.

There’s an opportunity to save your paid money as a credit and use in future.

Any comfortable payment system is used for money transfer.


We have to be sure that our Site is used in a proper way and it doesn’t contradict with our rules. On the other hand, We want our users to get all promised services and advantages.

Our guarantees:

  • We have a right to send You written texts on legal basis;
  • Each article will be original;
  • We’ll fulfil all orders according to your demands and instructions;
  • We have appropriate sources to collect information;
  • The Site will be available always, but We don’t warn You or take responsibility in case it’s not functioning for some period.

Your guarantees:

  • We consider that this document is accepted and realized by You in case You agreed with it;
  • You will use all papers You get from our writers in a right way;
  • Received texts will be your examples how to compose papers in future;
  • You agree that we take payment for all our provided services;
  • All rights for represented texts belong to us;
  • You won’t publish or use received articles in any other way than your purpose was;
  • You agree to destroy all received articles after You represent them to your professor etc;
  • All texts will not be used for commercial purposes;
  • You’ll provide info concerning orders in case We ask You to do it.

Money Refunds

You can ask for refunds in case your order doesn’t satisfy expectations.

Property Rights

All property rights belong to us or our partners. We give You limited rights to use received materials.

All papers You get are totally unique and don’t contain plagiarism. Notice that references are not considered to be a duplicate.

Free Revisions

We give You an opportunity to apply for revision according to our policy.

Communication Process

We desire to set a perfect communication process between You and us, that’s why We ask to give us your contacts. Your phone number and email will be used for transferring some info and advertisement.

Liability Limitation

By this doc You agree that none of our employees, writers or partners will be harmed by some losses or claims.

We aren’t liable in such cases: You don’t remember your paper or don’t understand it; your result doesn’t fit your expectations; You used your material in a different way.

If You saw some links on the Site and visited them, We aren’t liable for info You’ll see there or viruses, which can be hidden on those sources.


Our relationships are regulated by the represented doc. Any item can be changed without warning.

All rules are regulated by the UK law.

This online document has the same force as a paper one has.

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