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Revision Policy

We follow a very special aim, which makes us improve services regularly. Students are our exceptional category of customers, who need to perform wonderful papers. It’s not something new, because we live in the world where you have to prove your excellent academic experiences. Great grades help us to create a soft path to a successful future. That’s why students make unbelievable efforts to reach their A-grades. Our specialists create a wonderful world of academic articles, which make it possible to finish a university year excellently. All our features are dedicated to a better order fulfilment. Revision is one of them. This option is used when a customer receiver a paper and doesn’t think that it follows all his instructions or there’s another reason. We let users use this option without any payment for three times. But notice: your request should respond those conditions:

  • Text instructions. Your revision instructions shouldn’t differ from your previous order requirements. Our specialists may see this fact and deny this service provision.
  • When your text is written and prepared for use, it will be shown in your cabinet. But firstly a writer sends you a preview paper. Read it carefully before making any conclusions. If an image can’t be viewed well, inform our support team. They will help you to fix this problem. If you finally read this paper and think that it needs to be revised, press a special button inside an account. But in case you approved an order, but still want to ask for revision, contact a manager. You’ll also have to select a deadline period for this option.
  • Deadline conditions. It’s possible to revise your paper till you approved an order. But in case you did it, don’t be so sad! You still can order revision during 7 days after you received a text. Remember: if your material consists of more than 20 pages, you can send it for revisions within 2 weeks after an order has been received.
  • Notice: you can request for 3 free revisions. If you have any instructions, attach them too. All corrections will be added according to those requirements. Make it easy to improve your text in the way it will satisfy you.

In case you’ve already used three revisions, but still aren’t satisfied with your papers, make another order for editing. Describe all your needs and add requirements to an order. Our editors will look at those instructions and follow each separate item.

Remember that we’ll wait for your approval for 2 weeks since you received a revised text. If you didn’t approve it, but 14 days are already over, we do it automatically.

This option really helps all our consumers. Of course, sometimes a writer adds parts from himself. If you think it’s Ok, take your papers and start getting amazing university results. In case you don’t like a received text, make a request for revision. Our editors will start working with your papers at once. We appreciate you chose us, that’s why make everything to provide you with flawless articles. Make your confident steps to your amazing future! We’ll assist you with any academic question. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in time! Managers of the service will help you to determine with an order and find the greatest writer. Trust your real guides in the world of academic texts!

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