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Money Refund Policy

The company wants to provide people with a trusted place, where they will feel comfortable with their university tasks. Most students don’t realize how lucky they are to live in this century. They have amazing abilities, which will help them to improve unsatisfactory grades. Our service belongs to those writing companies, which do everything to make all processes extremely simple and convenient. We think that it’s wonderful to receive the needed papers just in a few days after you’ve made a request. What is more to say, this text will be of the highest quality you’ve ever seen. You may consider such services cost a lot. But we’re going to assure you that even urgent papers don’t cost as much as if you are a millionaire. Our discount system is a specially calculated scheme, which makes it possible to save your cash. And, of course, we give all users an opportunity to receive their money in some circumstances. We all are people and it’s obvious that sometimes a customer doesn’t like a result and wants to get his money back. And we clearly accept this fact. But you should realize that we have a special policy and calculations, which determine the sum you get. In case you haven’t approved a paper, you will receive money according to those rules:

  • 100 % return:
  • your money is sent back to you in such an amount, if there was some mistake when you made payment. For example, sometimes people pay twice etc. If you understand that such a mistake happened, just contact us and we’ll solve this problem at once;
  • we couldn’t find an appropriate expert for your request. Yes, it’s a pity, but such a rare occasion may happen. We’ll let you know in case it happens;
  • you don’t need materials anymore because a deadline is far gone. It won’t be uploaded to your panel. If it’s uploaded, you won’t have a right to use it. We’ll send your money back.
  • 70 % return:
  • we found a writer, and less than 50 % of a set deadline period has gone. An expert has already started working on an order, so, we have to pay for this job.
  • 50 % return:
  • we can’t provide your paper with a specialist who would revise it;
  • we found a writer, and more than 50 % of a set deadline period has gone. An expert has already started working on an order, so, we have to pay for this job.

Additionally to these rules, you should know that you won’t have any right for cancelled papers. You get your money and can’t use materials at all. If you send a text for revision, we consider it just needs to be corrected.

Remember that there are sums we can’t refund:

  • VAT;
  • credit of your service account;
  • if all your instructions where followed by an expert and we can prove it;
  • in case you skipped our Terms of Use policy;
  • for our special services: VIP offers, Top writers etc;
  • discounts;
  • if you saw that a paper has been sent to you and approved it;
  • for Multiple Choice Question tasks;
  • Problem solving assignments.

Well, all procedures are simple and transparent. Just act in accordance with our advices and instructions. Money will be returned back due to our rules, which have to be read by all customers. Get acquainted carefully with each item and be sure that you’ll be heard in case of unexpected circumstances.

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