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Questions from new customers:

  1. How should I start working with your website?

First of all, you have to be authorized. We want to protect users from scams, who only wait for a perfect moment to cheat people. There are many cases, when a card is stolen and used by someone else. We have to be sure that money is paid by a card holder.

  1. My authorization code is missing, what should I do?

We send two codes: by the email and on your phone. They differ from each other. If you didn’t receive any of them, check, if your phone can get messages, and email – letters. In case everything is Ok, get in touch with us.

  1. Is my personal info secured?

We really care about privacy of our customers and do everything to protect your personal info. You receive a special ID number after registration. It’s visible for writers and other employees of our company. Your individual data is available only for a few managers, who use it when it’s needed to connect with you.

  1. How can I order your services?

Find our order form on the site and fill it. Add all your instructions and we’ll follow them during execution.

  1. When will a writer start writing my assignment?

Pay for your task and we’ll find an appropriate expert at once. He/she will start fulfilling your order after it’s received.

  1. What assignment type can I order here?

You can order any assignment type. If it’s hard, just send a request. We’ll inform you if it’s possible to find a free expert of the sphere at the moment.

  1. Can I receive a discount?

We appreciate all our consumers and want to give them more advantages every day. Apart from cheap and high quality services, we offer a flexible discount scheme.

  1. Can I pay after order fulfilment?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a feature of that kind. A writer will start working with your task only after payment. Don’t worry for your paper, all customers’ needs are satisfied with amazing results.

  1. What if I want to get my money back?

We have an option of money refund. If your paper doesn’t satisfy your needs, ask managers to calculate money amount, which can be returned.

  1. Will my paper be original?

Yes, we watch all our texts to be unique. They are checked with a special tool.

  1. What to do in case I don’t like a received article?

You can ask for a free revision. A writer will correct unsatisfactory parts and add the desired info.

  1. Which paper formats are available here?

We’ll complete your essay in any possible format. Just inform us and you’ll get a proper paper.

  1. When will a writer send me my essay?

You set a deadline by yourself. A paper will be sent according to this term.

  1. Can I add a file to my order?

Yes, you can attach your instructions and requirements inside your personal cabinet.

  1. Do you provide title and reference pages for free?

Yes, they don’t need an extra payment.

  1. How does the procedure of order receiving look like?

Firstly, you’ll get a preview version. If you’re satisfied with this result, confirm that you want to get an original material. We’ll send you a full version.

  1. Can I choose a writer by myself?

Yes, you can select an author from our top experts. Our manager will find out, if he/she doesn’t have any other task at the moment. If this writer is free, we assign him/her to your order. You can also ask your previous expert to work on your assignment. This option is free.

  1. Do you have an editing service?

Yes, it’s available for all consumers.

Questions from regular customers

  1. How to act in case I forgot a password?

Use our option, which helps to set a new password. Just enter your account email address, and we’ll send you our instructions.

  1. Can I communicate with a writer?

Yes, this option is represented inside your account. Find a section “Messages” there and start communicating with an expert.

  1. What should I do in case my paper isn’t delivered yet?

Inform our support managers. Maybe, it’s already sent to your account, but it’s not visible. If your writer is late, we’ll get in touch with him/her immediately.

  1. Can you provide me with an abstract?

Inform your writer that you also want to get an abstract and he’ll add it to your order.

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